Welcome to Naruto Canon RPG ! Click here if your New !

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Welcome to Naruto Canon RPG ! Click here if your New !

Post by Gaara on Wed Oct 12, 2016 10:50 pm

Hello ! Welcome to Naruto Canon Rpg , if you've come here , you must be new. We are glad to have you ! Before you get started , there are a few things you should know.
Unlike every other Naruto Rpg, ours is canon as the name suggests. Unless your character is claimed, you can be whatever original Naruto character you wish. Check the claimed page to see if the character you want is claimed before starting a character form .
Claimed Page Link Here .
We also allow OC Ninjas to join. See this link for more information on how to create and where to post your form.
Character Information Link Here .
Here is the Character Form . You will be posting your form in this thread for examination.
Character Form Thread.

Now that you have chosen your character , and hopefully by now have read the rules located in the home page of the site , you are ready to RP ! The RPG takes place twelve years after the attack of the nine tailed fox , when all the future main characters are Genin. Keep in mind , if you are a main character during this time such as Naruto , you must start as whatever age you were at the setting time. For example , Naruto must start off twelve years old. As the story progresses , he will age , but as all stories are you must start from the beginning.
In your Character form , you are required to post which village you are in. You will be placed in that village's member thread, and then may choose a place to begin. It is reccomend you before you post that you leave a message in the New Memebers Forum . There , you can try and find an RP partner and begin. If they are from a different village , don't fear ! You can still go to the 'Trading Plaza ', a place where all villages come to trade and you can RP with them there . Once again , make sure you have read the RP rules before beggining.

 As you progress through the game , you can go from a Genin to a Ninja by how often you are online and by how long you have been registered to the Forum. If you claim a character like Kakashi though , he doesn't have to start as a Genin because during this time period he is already a higher rank. If you do not want to go through the Genin stages , it's advised you begin with an older character. You may have a maximum of one Canon Character and two OC ones. ( max overall being three ) This is so you are able to handle all the characters you have. It's preferred that you stay with the number of characters you are able to handle though , especially if you own a canon one.

If you have any questions , visit the FAQ or ask a moderator x admin. We will gladly help you with whatever you need ! We hope you enjoy the RP !

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