Moderation and Release Date

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Moderation and Release Date

Post by Gaara on Fri Oct 14, 2016 10:01 am

Hello .

Currently , this Forum has been publicly unreleased. We have a set release date for October 20th 2016 , possibly earlier depending on the speed of progression. When it's released , we will defidently need to have a set of pre chosen moderators. If you are interested , post below . You will need to register first of course , but you must have had experience on a forum ( any Forum ) before . If you haven't , try being a member until you understand more and then apply. If you have been in a Forum before , and are interested , post the following information below completed.

Username :
Date :
Character Page :
Village your Character is in :
Canon or OC ? :
What type of Moderator are you interested in being ? :
Have you had Experience on a Forum Before ? :
Have you had Experience being a Moderator on a Forum before ? :
How active will you be on the forum ? :
Do you promise to respect Naruto Canon RPG , and all it's members ? :

Be sure to check the Moderation Rules before filling out the aboveboard form. If you can not abide by those , being a Moderator may not be for you .

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